Working with Clients 2. How we use Asana for task management, and more

Teamwork at Carino Asana has proved a very useful task management tool to organise our everyday workload, communicate as a team and track progress from start to finish.Typically, a task like a Website change request comes in by email. We forward it to Asana by emailing to a Project. Each Project has a unique email address, so we set up a holding project called “Client Dashboard”. Every email we send to it becomes a new task on that project. Asana automatically uploads the email’s attachments  to the Task.
Our Client Dashboard project has a Trello-like dashboard as its default view.  We can then easily move tasks in a Kanban-style view, from “New Request” through “In Progress” stages assigned to different members of the team. Then we can move cards to “Awaiting” (e.g. client input), “Staging” (e.g. client approval) and finally to “Live”.
Carino's Trello style dashboard in Asana

One of the great things with Asana is that we can add a task  to two or more projects. We can add labels like “Urgent”, as well as completion dates, subtasks and dependencies.

Dependencies – for example “Start task B when A is completed”  – can be viewed on a timeline, similar to a Gantt chart; and also on a calendar. And we can have a top-down view of progress and status. All just a click away.

The app’s email integration closes the loop, with alerts and updates to every member of the team. And Asana’s extensive integration possibilities keep it at the heart of everything we do.

Integrating with Office

For example, there is fantastic integration with MS Office. The Office 365 connector lets Outlook know when someone in our team has created a task, completed a task, or commented on a task. We can set notifications projects,  to track updates on a project-specific basis. Connector notifications will show up within Groups in Microsoft Outlook, in Office 365-connected Yammer Groups, and in Microsoft Teams. We also share the Calendar view of Asana on our Outlook calendar.

There are many more integrations possible. We haven’t even started to explore the possibilities. Zapier for example offers 100 or so Asana Zaps including apps such as Slack, Jira, Evernote and GSheets.  We’ve also found a great many recipes on IFTTT to expand the possibilities further.

What’s next? I don’t know, but I do know how we’ll plan it, collaborate, track and monitor it to a successful conclusion!

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